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About Me

Marcus Lantero

SAG / Aftra Actor Union Actor

Height: 5' 10”

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Silver

Birth Date: 10/08/1957 Location: Hollywood, CA


Marcus began his acting interests in Chicago as a young man at Northern Illinois University acting courses. Later, life brought him west to the desert, where he was offered opportunities that drew him to the focus of the camera.


His dedication to his craft over the last decade has provided opportunities in a variety of projects: Variety of Local TV Commercials Hosting Infomercial 5 Feature independent Films Supporting role Triads (The Third) / TV series pilot season Host of Streaming Series “Tell My Story” on NDME TV Lead Role in “Marks Place” Sitcom Series on Amazon Prime His independent feature film experience began with a supporting role in “The Assumptions”.


The producer, writer, Gina Carey was so please with the acting and professional experience of Marcus that she soon offered him the lead role in “One Year Pact”, a supporting role in “Rose England” and “Acts of Kindness”, where he received the CV Indie Film award for “Best Male Actor” 2018. In 2019 he played the Lead role in “The Star Connection” by Gina Carey premiering in 2020.


Marcus Lantero continues with new projects in expanding the series as Host of Tell My Story along with the lead role in Mark's Place sitcom. In addition to the current projects underway, Marcus has on the 2020 schedule a new lead role in a series “Agoraphobia” streaming on NDEME TV . As a dedicated professional, Marcus continues to develop his skill levels and experience in the variety of roles he is participating in with an interest in additional Film, TV, Voice-over and Hosting.


Recipient of 3 CV Indie Film Awards: 2017 Best Impromptu Actor in the film The Assumptions 2017 Best Male Actor for his role in One Year Pact 2018 Best Male Actor in Acts Of Kindness 2019 Prestige Award reflecting the outstanding Actor of the Year from his role in The Star Connection.

for a complete resume, download his PDF by clicking the button above. 




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